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Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy

by Shrenik Sheth -
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It has been brought to our attention that students and staff have been smoking and throwing cigarette butts on the ground and in the landscaping. This has been caught on camera by building management. 


Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking area  (Gazebo) near the back entrance of the building. All other places are designated no-smoking zones.  There are no exceptions to this rule. In addition, you must dispose of your cigarettes in the designated containers only - Do not dispose of them in any other areas including the ground and/or landscaping.

If you are observed in person or on camera smoking in a non-designated area and/or improperly disposing of cigarette butts, you can and will be asked to leave the property. The building management has the right to ban you from the property due to creating a safety hazard. In the event you are banned from the property, you will no longer be a student at EVCC and all courses you are attending will immediately be transcribed on your transcript as a Failed attempt (F). Staff will be terminated effective immediately.

You may contact Sam Shrenik if you have any questions or concerns.