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Student Parking

by Shrenik Sheth -

Just a reminder that all Morning Cohort students must use the backside parking lot only. 

And, All the Evening Cohort Students must use the front parking lot

Also, there is NO overnight parking your car will be towed at your expense if you leave your vehicle in the parking lot overnight.  This is a building policy, not an EVCC policy.

Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

EVCC Nurse Education Testing Policy

by Kristina Kitchen -

Good afternoon,

The Nurse Education Department has revised testing policies to reflect our intention to maintain integrity of our testing environments.  Please read the attached document in its entirety. All students in the nursing departments are being notified via email & Moodle of the testing policy changes and are responsible for compliance with the policies.

Please direct any questions to


Nurse Education Clinical Attendance Policy

by Kristina Kitchen -
Please be advised the clinical attendance policy was revised on 1/7/2023, per policy notification to students must be made within 7 business days.
The policy is in effect as of 1/18/2023. Please read the policy carefully as the changes to the policy are significant. All AAS and PN students must sign and provide to Ms. Ellie or Ms. Morton before their next clinical shift. 
(Note: If you have already missed the maximum time allowed, any further missed time will be made up after your scheduled graduation date.)  
Please see the link to print and sign.  Ms. Ellie and Ms. Morton will also have copies to be signed in the event you are not able to print the document.
Thank you for your compliance in this matter.
Kristina Kitchen
Please read below:
Clinical Attendance Policy:
The Virginia Board Of Nursing mandates clinical hour completion as a requirement to apply for licensure. EVCC provides clinical faculty for clinical instruction to meet the requirements of the VBON; and schedules clinical hours with approved clinical sites.  To comply with the regulations set forth by the state of Virginia, EVCC Nurse education's clinical policy states all clinical hours are mandatory. Students must be on time and attend all clinical hours. 
To minimize disruptions, staffing issues, and excessive missed time, EVCC will allow students to miss 2 days of clinical throughout the entirety of the program.  Students will be required to make up all missed hours.  The program does not differentiate from excused or unexcused, all absences are subjected to the 2-day limit. The program will make every attempt to schedule make up clinical experiences for the missed hours during the student's same semester period, however this is not always possible. Students who exceed 2 missed clinical days while enrolled in the program will be delayed in graduating and will make up the clinical hours with the next graduating cohort.  EVCC administration will not attempt to staff further clinical experiences during the semester for any student who misses greater than 2 days.
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