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Nursing: Academic Dishonesty Policy Updates

Nursing: Academic Dishonesty Policy Updates

by Kristina Kitchen -
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Good morning!  Please see the following update to the Academic Dishonesty Policy in the student handbook and catalog.

This policy is in effect 1/24/2024 for all current students, and effective immediately for all incoming students.

Use of an AI Generator such as ChatGPT, etc. is explicitly prohibited to generate any classroom or clinical content (text, video, audio, images, etc). The information derived from these tools is based on previously published materials. Therefore, using these tools constitutes plagiarism. Additionally, be aware that the information derived from these tools is often inaccurate or incomplete. It’s imperative that all work submitted should be your own. Passing off any AI generated content as your own (e.g., cutting and pasting content into written assignments, or paraphrasing AI content) constitutes a violation of EVCC's Honor Code.  Any assignment that is found to have been plagiarized or to have used unauthorized AI tools will receive a zero and be reported for academic misconduct. EVCC takes allegations of misconduct related to plagiarism seriously and intends to vigorously enforce the policy.  Students who are found guilty of academic misconduct including plagiarism (through any means) will face disciplinary action- up to and including dismissal from the nursing program without refund or option to return.  

Please contact the Nursing Department administration with any questions or concerns.